The microwaveable wheat bags conform to British Safety Standards BS8433:2004


Instructions for use:

  • Remove item from outer packaging and check the product is clean and dry before use.
  • Ensure the microwave is clean and the rotary table can rotate freely.
  • Heat in a microwave according to the guide table below.
  • Check the temperature by holding against your wrist or elbow for 10 seconds prior to use to ensure the product is not too hot.
  • In the event of overheating, allow to cool fully and return to room temperature. Please also refer to our safety information.


Rating  Maximum Time
500 - 750 Watt 2 Minutes
750 - 1000 Watt 1 1/2 Minutes




As a wheat bag is a natural product it may feel damp when first heated. Frequently re-hydrate the wheat by placing a cup of water in the microwave next to the wheat bag and heat for the recommended time.

To revitalise the aroma of your wheat bag, rub in a few drops of our lavender essential oil.