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About Us

Aromaglow was founded in 2000 by Sally Moore when she created her first product Magical Floating Water Candles. The product became an overnight success when Sally started selling them on QVC in London and was very fortunate to meet Lori Greiner. Lori was already established in the United States presenting on Television Shopping Channels and agreed to sell the Floating Candles on QVC in the United States and The shopping Channel in Canada. It was a phenomenal success. Sally was so overwhelmed with the success of the Floating Candles and soon started designing and developing new products. In 2014 the company starting designing and making Microwavable Wheat Bags, supplying them to retail customers . After a relatively short period of time the products were being sold in hundreds of retail outlets across the UK and it was then decided that the products needed their own identity, company name and logo, which was when The Wheat Bag Company was born.​The company has grown from strength to strength developing and adding more new products to the collection, all made in the UK.